Saturday, November 17, 2007

First Snow!

The first snow has fallen in Belgrade! And it came quite unexpectedly as well. Some friends over for drinks at the flat and then off to xLagum nightclub for some progressive house. Everything looked normal, a bit of rain, but not much and an icy chill, which enticed us to take a taxi to the club. A few hours later, numerous beers gulped down and knackered from dancing like maniacs it was time to leave. Exit the club into what felt like a blizzard! SNOW! Everything white, everything nice, in our inebriated states. Well, not so nice for one member of our group, who managed to narrowly dodge a rather huge tree branch snapping off due to the weight of the snow.

I love snow. I don't generally like being cold at all, but if there's snow it seems to cancel out all the negativity associated with freezing to your bones. I also love Belgrade under that white layer of snow. It looks a lot prettier during winter if there's snow to cover up all the grey and dirt, rather than when it's just a very cold winter's day. Snow always seems to bring out the inner child in me (not that I generally need an excuse for that!).

Unfortunately, it's raining and all the snow has turned into that awful thing called slush, full of mud and dirt and just returns the city to a grey, wet and slippery mess. Not nice with a monster hangover!

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