Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Festive Season

Just thought I should wish all my Orthodox friends a Merry Christmas! Srecan Bozic! I've just got back from a very filling meal at a classic Serbian kafana (restaurant), Toplica in the Hotel Royale in Belgrade (for those in the know), with some friends. It was packed as one of the very few places open today.

So, it's been 2008 for eight days now, and I have begun working on my New Year resolution - update this blog more regularly! I've been so busy working these last weeks I've really just not had the time or energy. Hopefully, I will actually stick to this resolution!

I haven't moaned much about Belgrade or Serbia yet, but I really must complain at how dangerous it gets outside when its minus 3 and the streets completely freeze over. Belgrade, quite literally, turns into one giant ice skating rink. It's absolutely deadly and there's been hundreds of people turning up at the Accident & Emergency with broken arms, feet and for some poor unfortunate souls, skulls. I avoid this by just not going out unless it's absolutely necessary!

Have a good holiday everyone, and if you're not on holiday - have fun at work!

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sajkaca said...

hello! srecna nova godina 2008.
Are you following the elections for president? what do you think about it? just came back to western world (from fantastic srpska nova godina in belgrade) and here in newspapers almost nobody writes about it...
pozdrav from "nothing against serbia"

max said...


Srecna Nova!

I just found your blog. I'm an Austrian student and I've been in Belgrade since August. I really like it, but I am not as enthusiastic as you. Maybe I missed some special spots and places until now? It would be great if you could write some personal "best of" or "5 things you should have done in Belgrade". Thanks in advance, maximilian

Adam said...


I've not been following the election campaign that closey. I'm very politically apathetic in the UK and Serbia is no exception, however, I must admit it's far more interesting here than back home.

Being influenced by my friends, I'd like to see Tadic come out on top. I personally wouldn't like to see the Radicals in power. If they were in power, it's not likely that Serbia would go back to the 90s at any rate. But you never know.

It's just a case of waiting for the second round now. Tadic was defeated last time in the first round and came out on top in the second. I expect a repeat of that.

One thing that does bug me is the EU. Offering visa free travel if 'the right candidate' wins. I thought this was a democratic election and even if the Radicals do get in power, it was done democratically. It's simple and blatant bribery from the EU.

What are your thoughts?


Adam said...


That's a good idea, I shall definately have a think and come up with the top things to do in Belgrade.

Sorry, to hear that you're not so enthusiastic about this city. My year abroad was probably made most memorable due to the people I spent it with. It also depends on your interests, but whatever they are, I'm sure Belgrade offers something.

What are you doing in Belgrade? What have you done or seen since you've been here?


sajkaca said...

Personally I think that Tadic made a great job so far (economic got better, real estate is booming - specially in BG - and investors are busy).
I read that peole in Serbia live better than the Romanians and Bulgarians (who are in the EU).

What I don't like is the pressure that EU,USA,NATO put on Serbia to let Kosovo go, to manipulate/bribe Voters and to force Serbia to put itself against Russia. For that I understand Nikolic (and his suporters), because since 600 years Serbian never listened to anybody and only because of that they're still exist.

Serbia is an orthodox country and is more close to Russia, It would be a pity (just because of a little money and a little traveling) to sell the soul!

Tadic is somewhere in the middle and maybe this isn't so bad. Better would be maybe Velimir Ilic.

The only one I can't stand is Cedomir Jovanovic, but I see that he hasn't a lot of suporters...so I don't need to worry :-)

Let's see what's going on February 3rd....but probably like the last votings......

sajkaca said...

you inspired me with the idea of the 5 top things to do in belgrade. i put them together here: http://sajkaca.blogspot.com/2008/01/5-things-to-do-in-belgrade.html
I hope it's a bit of a help.