Monday, September 1, 2008

Importing Asian Women

The Serbian Labour Minister Rasim Ljajić had to apologise today for a statement made by State Secretary Željko Vasiljević advising that Serbia should import 100,000 women from Asia to make up for a lack of females in some rural areas of the country.

You really do wonder what goes on inside the heads of some Serbian officials. Perhaps, they should think before they speak and choose their words a bit more carefully. I think the correct phrase would be 'encourage foreign immigration' and not 'import Asian women.'


markowe said...

Yeah, we were all pretty flabbergasted by this announcement. I also liked his comment about how Buddism was more or less the same as Orthodox Christianity - bwa-ha-ha! I guess they don't teach them comparative religion at State Secretary School!

lesha said...

hi adam!
I like this blog.
I'm obsessed with the balkans for no apparent reason, too! I particularly love Bosnia, but I'm also interest in Serbia, that's why I'm going to visit your blog very often from now on.

by the way, why did the state secretary choose to import Asian women? why not Italian ones, I would have liked to be imported!!! ;D

Lesha said...

I didn't want to be anonimous.

Adam said...

Hi Lesha,

Thanks for visiting Balkan File! I too was obsessed with Bosnia for a while before formally studying the Serbian language - then I became utterly obsessed with Serbia. I'm still obsessed with Sarajevo, however, particularly the great food! ;-)

I'm not sure why the minister wanted to import Asian women specifically - though I'm sure all the single men wouldn't care where they came from!

Thanks again for visiting,