Monday, January 21, 2008

Presidential Elections

The results of the first round of Serbia's presidential election are in and Serbian Radical Party candidate Tomislav Nikolic won. He received 39.6% of the vote, while Democratic Party candidate Boris Tadic, who is currently the Serbian president, received 35.5%.

Tomislav Nikolic

I personally would not like to see the Radical Party in power. They are against the European Union and would most likely end up isolating Serbia again. I doubt things would get as bad as back in the 90s, but it would certainly not be a step forward.

On 3 February, the second round of the presidential election will take place, with Tadic and Nikolic facing against each other. I'm pretty sure that we will see Tadic come out top here. What we are seeing here is essentially a mirror-image of the 2004 election.

I haven't really been following the run up to the first round of the election and haven't really given the whole affair much thought; it's been a busy time with friends coming to visit from their various newly-adopted countries. I shall try to follow the campaigning leading up the second round and post my thoughts.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Festive Season

Just thought I should wish all my Orthodox friends a Merry Christmas! Srecan Bozic! I've just got back from a very filling meal at a classic Serbian kafana (restaurant), Toplica in the Hotel Royale in Belgrade (for those in the know), with some friends. It was packed as one of the very few places open today.

So, it's been 2008 for eight days now, and I have begun working on my New Year resolution - update this blog more regularly! I've been so busy working these last weeks I've really just not had the time or energy. Hopefully, I will actually stick to this resolution!

I haven't moaned much about Belgrade or Serbia yet, but I really must complain at how dangerous it gets outside when its minus 3 and the streets completely freeze over. Belgrade, quite literally, turns into one giant ice skating rink. It's absolutely deadly and there's been hundreds of people turning up at the Accident & Emergency with broken arms, feet and for some poor unfortunate souls, skulls. I avoid this by just not going out unless it's absolutely necessary!

Have a good holiday everyone, and if you're not on holiday - have fun at work!

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