Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So Long Summer

It seems that summer is well and truly over. After weeks and weeks of bright sunshine, clear blue skies and temperatures ranging from 30C to 40C, it was quite a shock to the system at the weekend. Cloud. Rain. 9C-12C.

At first I thought it was just a 'freak' day - and was quite happy to have some relief from the sweltering, summer heat - but no, it's still raining, it's still cold and I don't feel like going outside anymore.

See ya next year summer. Hello autumn, you've made a good start.

PS: I actually quite like autumn and winter, I just would have preferred a gradual transition!


Bibi said...

An abrupt change it was. Getting out my woolies this weekend.

Lesha said...

and in Italy too.
from 30 to 19 degrees from one day to the other.
brrrrrr, we're freezing.

by yhe way, yesterday I enjoyed a pleasant walk in the woods. leaves are already beautifully red and yellow.
looking forward to picking chestnuts

ps thanks for the answer about radicals. I just wanted to have an opinion by somebody who lives there . I see that it is basically what it is said in newspapers and specialized press about the BAlkans. also most of the BOsnian just feel the need to move on, to live a normal life, in spite of all nationalisms.

Jon B said...

Interesting blog, I've enjoyed looking through it, as I'm a fellow Scot Yugophile.

Serbia (or at least the old Yugoslavia) is alive and well in this corner of Tallinn...

Maria said...

Yes, it was a rather radical weather change! And of course - as it happens to me in Rio, when it goes from 40 to 20 degrees during the night - I got a cold. It's over by now though and I feel great, as I quite like autumn and winter as well :)